Seasons Greetings and Updates

Well at this time Christmas has come and gone, and so my seasons greetings are belated. 

Yes the day draws closer, January 3, 2013 when the official journey begins with the arrival of 1000 day old chicks at the site. So what are my plans over the next few days:

On Dec 27, 2012 we completed shopping for accessories which included:

  • Clay pots with holes near the top to hold the charcoal to keep the brooder warm 
  • Feeding troughs – after a lot of deliberation we decided on a few small troughs and more larger troughs which will last longer
  • Drinkers – again like the troughs we went for smaller containers (5 liters capacity) plus larger ones to ensure that the frequency of refills is much less
  • Medication – vitamin supplements, antibiotics (especially for flu, diarrhea, and fast moving infections) which will be mixed in the water as and when is needed
  • Brown paper for the first week to ensure warmth
  • Clear plastic sheeting for the windows and doors to keep the heat in
  • Jerrycans and basins for collecting water and cleaning the drinkers – which will happen 3-4 times a day 
  • Paraffin Lanterns – since we have not had the chance to connect electric power to the site, but this will come later 

So we are all set and January 2, we are spending the day preparing the site, finalizing construction, warming the brooder (since its a new site, its wet and cold)

Well we wish you a Happy New Year, and please come back to read more of our journey


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