Day-old Chicks Arrive – Jan 3, 2013

The big day is finally here, so at 6:30am we set off to pickup the day old chicks from the supplies shop. After making all the payments we verify that there are 1,020 chicks including a 2% bonus for the purchase. 

Into the back of the car they go and off we are to the site and the brooder, here is what it looks like 

Day-old chicks in brooder

You may notice that they are eating out of the boxes, and that is because we have given them Oasis nutrition for day old chicks (the green pellets) which we placed on top of chick mash (finely ground feed due to their gentle disposition) which they feed on for the first 2 days. In the water we added 10g of Glucovit (a combination of glucose and vitamins) to give them additional strength

A wide view of the brooder 


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