Layer Health Management

One of the biggest challenges facing poultry farmers is ensuring that the productivity of the birds stays high without having to spend alot on drugs to maintain immunity of the birds. Like all other businesses the factors controlling profitability are keeping productivity high and operational expenses low. The major expenses are feed, labor (cannot be altered much without significant capital investment), and medication.

The medication regime we are following is two fold:

  1. Added to feeds – regular
    • Acidomix
    • Methionine
    • Toxen Binder (Toxibab)
  2. Immunity booster – monthly with 1 day spacing
    • Deworming in drinking water 
    • New Castle in drinking water 
    • Vitamin booster for 3 days 

This helps us maintain immunity levels to lengthen the period of productivity while keeping costs within range.

What do you do to maintain the health of your layers? 


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