2015 – A Look Ahead

It has been a long time since the last update, however a lot has been going on in the background which is defining how the project is progressing. 

The highlights are: 

  1. Expansion – the ground work is being laid in 2015, however looking to at least triple the current flock numbers
  2. Experiments – New Breeds – we shall be looking to try out different breeds of birds to assess productivity potential 
  3. Experiments – Health Management Regime – taking all the learnings we will be reviewing our vaccination regime (for chicks) and health management for flocks during laying to extend the productive lifespan of the birds through proactive health management
  4. Experiments – Feed Automation – in our current facility which was not built for automation, the only change in the new flock will be feeders that are filled daily reducing the need for workers to keep entering the house
  5. Experiments – Water Supply Automation – in the new expanded facility the plan is to have full automated water supply a move which will reduce the costs of scaling 
  6. Experiments – Cage systems – this is for later in 2016, once the economics have been fully worked out, however this looks to provide the potential for increasing the density of the flocks within an area while reducing the labor intensive activities. 

All in all 2015 is looking exciting with new prospects and opportunities abound


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