Social Media Revolution Comes to Agriculture in Uganda

When you see a good thing, the best you can do is share with the rest of the world. I am proud to have a front side seat to bear witness of this revolution coming to agriculture in Uganda through leveraging the power of social media. The trigger was actually very innocent, which was a post on one of the larger Facebook groups about the creation of a WhatsApp group, which within 1 day was over-subscribed, because of the 100 member limit on Whatsapp group.

The group sparked off a whirlwind of knowledge and information sharing bringing together a new breed of middle-class farmers in Uganda, who do not look at farming as a dead-end, but rather as a business which can free them from the yokes of the corporate world.

Immediately after the group was formed, an initial meeting was held at a farm in Kiira, in Uganda where over 100 farmers, agri-prenurs, tele farmers, and those considering the jump met to work on how to leverage their collectiveness to develop & grow themselves. The discussions focused around experience sharing, management, discussions of business models, processes and procedures.

Where to from here, only time can tell… There are currently sub-groups for poultry, piggery, passion fruits, goat farming, diary farming with more springing up each day …

The future is bright, so keep an eye on this space


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