Q and A: Management of Newcastle & Viral Diseases

Question: A friend’s birds started laying and have reached 50%. She was advised not to vaccinate Newcastle till they peak. Now she has noticed 2 that developed twisted necks. What should she do?

Dr. David Omoding – Quality Chemicals: The long-term health of the birds cannot be compromised for production performance. If vaccination is due, it should be done regardless of production level

Dr. Sewagudde Samuel – Genesis East Africa Ltd: Some birds can react post vaccination, 10- 14 days later, and show signs of disease, but with use of antibiotics, you can help them fend off the associated infections

Background to Answers:
Viral diseases like NewCastle and Gumboro normally destroy or weaken the immune system, just like the Humman Immuno-Deficency Virus (HIV) for humans. This then allows bacteria to take advantage of the reduced of immunity to cause further havoc through secondary intestinal, respiratory and other infections which further reduce productivity and potentially cause mortality.

Therefore treat such situations with antibiotics and vitamins to kill the bacterial and boast the immunity. Common antibiotics trade names include Keprocoeryl, Tetracycline 20% or 25%, Enrosol, etc. The vitamins combos include Amino vital, Aminovit, Cholivit, Vitalyte, etc

Quality Chemicals Uganda Limited also has vaccines of all kinds for poultry and larger animals. The latest on their list is the thermal stable Newcastle vaccine which does not need to be maintained under cold conditions, and soon the injectable Newcastle given prior to laying reducing the need for continous boosting during laying.


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