9 month Poultry Report Card

A exciting day, our new batch of Isa Brown layers from Asiima Agri-Consult Limited makes 36 weeks and 2 days, finally hits 90% productivity. The productivity journey has been as follows:

  • First egg – 19 weeks
  • 85% to 87% for 10 weeks straight from week 27 to 36

Our secret so far is building on prior experience:

  1. Feed quality – this is outsourced to a supplier whose quality and reliability have been consistent over r the last 3 years
  2. Formula – we r using a basic formula to leave room for improvement as the birds grow older
  3. Biosecurity – use lime at the entrance, also adding a little to the litter, routine spraying outside the houses on a weekly basis. Nobody is allowed into the site – not guests
  4. Vigilant management – the operations manager spends an equivalent of 3 days at the site every week with random visits to support farm management
  5. Fanatical record keeping – diligent record keeping to track trends, and spot patterns in behavior
  6. Fortnightly assessment by a vet as an preventive management pattern

At the same time we are preparing for a new batch of chicks, so repairs to an existing house are underway by plastering the walls exposed to the birds, repairing the floor and replacement of chicken wire mesh.

Once the repairs are completed, a contractor has been hired to disinfect the house which will be the subject of another sharing session





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